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Are you trying to find answers to your ongoing health issues? Are you tired of going from one specialist to another? Are you looking for a doctor who will work in partnership with you, providing the education, inspiration and support you need to make changes in your body, mind and spirit, then MHC is the right place for you.

For Those Who Aspire

The degenerative diseases of aging – heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease – prematurely kill and disable millions of people needlessly. More than 75 % of them can be prevented. It is time to take action.

If you aspire to live younger, to fully restore your potential health and to experience an abundance of vitality a visit to MHC is just what your doctor ordered.

Your Personal Experience

If you desire an evidence based, holistic medical approach to your body, mind, and spirit, our all-inclusive preventive aging program is truly the way to go.

Experience renewed vitality with your custom, physician-supervised program. The doctor personally guides your progress with bioidentical hormone replenishment therapy, individualized nutrition and nutritional supplementation, targeted exercises, lifestyle modification and stress management skills. Each program is tailored to a patient’s needs and aspiration.

Your life long success is assured with ongoing and personal, one-on-one physician guidance, scheduled monitoring and clinical support.

Ready to begin? Please click here to review our Practices Policies, download our intake form below, and schedule your appointment today!

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